Chris Freudenberg paints & works with clay (pottery & sculpture). He works with ideas & the imagination, enjoying the ordinary & extraordinary of people, multiplex by their nature of being human. Days before the end of World War Two, Freudenberg was born in Britain of German immigrant parents. His childhood homes were mostly on the grounds of one of the large psychiatric hospitals (now closed) in Surrey, local & secondary Quaker schools. Following completing multidisciplinary & social anthropology study (University of Sussex 1965-70) and continuing old hobbies [making music, pots (working with clay) & keeping a 1950s car], as well as continuing interests in various kinds of communities, social & personal change, he was accepted on (acceptance on such courses without a Fine Art Degree being exceptional) & completed a Diploma in Art Therapy doing trainee work experience in psychiatry (1992-4 Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Department of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Sheffield), previously having led a studio workshop (1984-90) in context of a caring community & of institutionalized Community Care. Before long, Freudenberg’s Health Professions Council State Registration lapsed, his Senior years arrived & he found more to do than ever. His making of art continued (& research on image & imagination).  He has shown some of his work in Berlin & Paris as well as at & elsewhere.  What with mental health services users, ex-users’ self/mutual help groups, ex-users becoming qualified & experienced psychotherapists & other therapists as well as Critical Psychiatrists all contributing usefully to learning about mental health, by 2009 a number of experienced & qualified people have been voicing their concerns about State Regulation of Psychotherapies (see ).

Languages spoken: 1st English, 2nd German and 3rd French

University Studies:

-Institute for Foreign Students at Aix-en-Provence, University of Aix-Marseille, France 1964/5.

-BA 1965-8 University of Sussex School of African & Asian Studies: Social Anthropology (fieldwork Malta) & Social Psychology.

-MA in Social Anthropology 1968-70 University of Sussex included 40,000 word thesis "PROCESS IN SOCIAL BOUNDARIES: A Study of Processes in the Isolation of Selected Rural and Urban Communities."submitted in part requirement (published at ).

-Diploma in Art Therapy, Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Department of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Sheffield 1992-4 (inclusive psychiatry work experience).

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(year & place of birth, a short introduction)

Born 1945 in of parents who had come to Britain c8 years earlier, Chris Freudenberg (a German as second language speaker in childhood in Surrey and Quaker boarding secondary school (A levels Botany, Zoology & Chemistry). 1963-4 Physics added to A level passes. 1964: Israel summer work camp on Kibbutz & toured; 1964-5 Institut d'Étudiants Étranger, Université d' Aix-Marseilles (improved French & German). 1965: voluntary social work in London; worked at psychiatric hospital in USA & toured; abandoned plans to study medicine. 1965 Sussex University student (intake five of new university) multidisciplinary & social anthropology study (fieldwork in Malta before graduation 1968). 1968 postgraduate study (Sussex University) till 1970 (completed social anthroplogy literature based MA thesis later published online). Explored doing field research in Switzerland, Corsica & Sardinia. Became interested in applied social research. Turned to art, began dismantling 1952 car. Lived in community/convened pottery. Completed Diploma in art therapy with work experience in psychiatry at pioneering art studio, at what had been a large psychiatric hospital (simelar hospital where Chris Freudenbergs childhood home had been); broadened his learning of psychiatry and therapeutic arts).

In Sum: After the multidisciplinary & social anthropology study (University of Sussex 1965-70) and turning to doing art (making pots (ceramics) & keeping an old (1950s) car, he led a studio workshop in contexts of a caring community & Community Care (1984-90). Awarded a Diploma in Art Therapy 1994 (University of Sheffield), his work as a practising artist continued with clay & painting, working with ideas & the imagination and enjoying ordinary & extraordinary people, people being multiplex by their nature of being human.


(summary, artwork & inspirations)

Chris Freudenberg works with clay. He takes photographs & he paints. Prints may be available.

Education & Biography -

(education & past exhibitions)

+1964/5 Institute for Foreign Students at Aix-en-Provence, University of Aix-Marseille.

+1965-8 BA School of African & Asian Studies at the University of Sussex (major in Social Anthropology plus some Social Psychology).

+1968-70 MA in Social Anthropology, University of Sussex

(40,000 word thesis published online at  ).

+1992-3 University of Sheffield Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, (Department of Medicine & Dentistry). Diploma in Art Therapy awarded 1994

+gave talk (showed slides) at summer courses on psychotherapy, the arts & Jungian psychology of The Champernowne Trust; extract from courses brochure at MORE_ON_WELLBEING_and_Jungian_Psychotherapy_and_the_Creative_Arts.html ).

+Amongst the Art Therapists listed & acknowledged for their comments in "Art Therapy & Jewish Identity", a chapter in the book "Art Therapy, Race & Culture" edited by Campbell, Liebmann, Brookes, Jones, Ward). Published by Jessica Kingsley. London & Philadelphia. 1999.)

+Freudenberg’s own arts are various, some exhibited:


abstract, animal & figurative forms, vessels & wall hangings. High fired red & grey clays. His own recipe ash & other glazes. Ceramic broaches & Raku pots.

-Painting & photography.

-He has overseen the

restoration and maintenance of a 1952 a Jowett Jupiter sports touring car and driven it in Britain, France and Germany.

-An article about Jowett cars was published in a German magazine: "Automobile von Jowett. Wenig Chancen fuer einen Aussenseiter" Christopher D. Freudenberg in 'Markt Fuer Klassische Automobile und Motoraeder', Europas Grösste Oldtimer-Zeitschrift. Heft12, Dezember 1989.

-Freudenberg is interested in technological history, change & current environmental concerns.

-He finds music making & listening feeds the soul.

+People are multiplex by their nature of being human (ordinary and extraordinary).

+Freudenberg has participated in communites and art studio workshops.

+Some of his work has been shown, autumn 2005 in Berlin at "Gallery Twenty Four", at and in other exposition. His work is always in progress and changing.


+prints of paintings (& photos of ceramics) shown at "GALLERY twenty four"/BERLIN (Oct till Dec 2006). Tel +49 30 516 583 53 +print of painting in SOMMERWENDE INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL, Gallery twenty four/BERLIN June - July 2006.

+paintings & photos of ceramics at GALLERY twenty-four/BERLIN April '06

+paintings & photos of ceramics at GALLERY twenty-four/PARIS Feb 06

+paintings & photos of ceramics at GALLERY twenty-four/BERLIN Oct-Nov '05

+listed amongst self-taught artists at

+paintings & photos of my ceramics shown at 'Raw Arts Festival' at Candid Arts Trust, London May 2005.

+own potters mark is listed in "British Studio Potters Marks" by Yates-Owen & Fournier published by A & C Black. London. 1999.

+Photographs of ceramics were shown at Gabriel Caruana's Gallery, The Mill, Malta 1996.

+Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield: a painting went to their collection of Art Therapy student's work (1994).

+Ceramics shown at Pelican Centre, Meare, Somerset (1990s, this centre long defunct).

+exhibition of work (including mine) of students of Diana Halliday's class 'Art from Within' centre shown circa 1987 at Mary Ward Centre.

+exhibited at London Potters First Open Exhibition (Morley College Gallery 1987).

+exhibited at Craft Potters Association (shop): Associates Exhibition (c1987)

+pots sold at William Allen Trading shop (early1980s).

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Chris Freudenberg, British & a French & fluent German speaker, was born just as the second world War ended of parents who ‘naturalized’ British in 1947 after coming to Britain c8 years before to work in psychiatry, away from Nazism.  Adult education has played a significant part in Freudenbergs multiple aspects & experience.  With two gap years before his multidisciplinary & social anthropology study at the new University of Sussex (1965-70) & beginning work, he turned to making pottery in the 1970s and 1980s and became a part time student at Sir John Cass School of Art (City University 1982-5).  He set up & led his studio workshop (1984-90) in a community caring context where he was also resident & where there was a neighbourliness of a kind that can happen anywhere (Freudenberg also completed a Diploma in Art Therapy, University of Sheffield 1994).  

With the variety of other media he also uses (painting, photography & his historic car), Freudenbergs work as a practicing artist continued in ceramics: in abstract, animal & figurative forms, vessels & wall hangings; high fired red & grey clays; own recipe ash & other glazes; ceramic broaches & Raku pots; clay, decorated, pots, wallpieces & other media; painting & photography. Whilst retired, occasionally Freudenberg has offered artist therapeutic space. His affection for historic transport, technology & environment has continued together with his broad interest in The Arts, quality of life & work with ideas & the imagination (& his view that making music feeds the soul). He enjoys ordinary & extraordinary people & has exhibited in Berlin (see Chris Freudenberg website ) to where he enjoys traveling by train (ten hour journey).

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EXPOSITION (see also

+Pots sold at William Alllen Trading 1980s

+Associates Exhibition of the Craft Potters Association 1980s.

+London Potters Exhibition 1987.

+'Art from Within' exhibition, Mary Ward Centre c1987

+Pelican Centre, Meare, Somerset (1990s)

+My photographs of my ceramics shown at Gabriel Caruana's Gallery, The Mill, Malta 1996.

+Painting given to collection of Art Therapy student's work at Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Department of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Sheffield 1994.

+Talks given (slides shown of my art work) at:

-Northern Ireland Group for Art & Therapy

-Champernowne Summer Courses on psychotherapy, the arts & Jungian psychology

+listed in British Studio Potters Marks by Yates-Owen & Fournier. A & C Black. London. (own mark entry).

+paintings & photos of my ceramics shown at 'Raw Arts Festival' at Candid Arts Trust, London May 2005.

+listed amongst self-taught artists at

+paintings & photos of my ceramics shown at 'Raw Arts Festival' at Candid Arts Trust, London May 2005.

+paintings & my photos of my cer

CHRIS FREUDENBERG [other CVs (auf Deutsch volgt) (en Francais suive)]


Chris Freudenberg was born near London late July 1945, the third of three brothers, to parents who had been in Britain for 8 years, they having left Germany with their first son, born 1935. They had arrived in Berlin in January 1933 to begin working as newly qualified doctors at the West End Krankenhaus. They married -an Aryan and a non-Aryan- before such 'mixed' marriages were forbidden in the early 1930s. When all the other 'Jewish' doctors lost their jobs, she was invited to continue working on a private ward. At first, they managed to keep their marriage secret at work, but when their employers became aware of it, they too had to leave, departing from Germany early 1937 for Vienna where the father had work, later coming to Britain to a job, his employment in psychiatry continuing throughout his following working life. Freudenberg's second brother was born in 1940 in Britain.

Visiting Berlin in 2000 for the first time, having visited Germany many times as a child, though never Berlin with his naturalized British German emigrant parents and two older brothers, Freudenberg spoke English and German at home. From 1947 his childhood home was south of London (Surrey) on the grounds of a large psychiatric hospital where his father worked, then soon part of the new British health service.


He went to local schools in Surrey and a Quaker boarding school in Berkshire, studied at the University of Aix-Marseille (improving his French), visited Israel, did voluntary social work in London and visited the USA (working at a psychiatric hospital and travelling around). Abandoning intentions to study medicine, he completed multidisciplinary & social anthropology study at Sussex, then a new British university and did field studies in Malta, visiting Switzerland, Corsica & Sardinia too. Having became interested in applied social research, he turned to art and completed a Diploma in art therapy, gaining work experience at a pioneering art studio, at psychiatric hospitals similar to the one he had known as a child, broadening his knowledge of psychiatry and therapeutic arts.

Freudenbergs own arts are various, some exhibited:


abstract, animal & figurative forms, vessels & wall hangings. High fired red & grey clays. His own recipe ash & other glazes. Ceramic broaches & Raku pots. Painting & photography. He has overseen the

restoration and maintenance of a 1952 sports touring car and driven

it in Britain, France and Germany, is interested in people,

history, technological change & current environmental concerns. He

finds music making & listening feeds the soul.

People being multiplex by their nature of being human, ordinary and

extraordinary. Freudenberg has participated in communites and art

studio workshops. Some of his work has been shown, autumn 2005 in

Berlin at "Gallery Twenty Four", at and in

other exposition. His work is always in progress and changing.



Der dritte von drei Bruedern,  wurde er westlich von London geboren, als der zweite Weltkrieg endete, spaet im Juli 1945.  Seine  Eltern waren schon acht Jahre in England, mit dem ersten Sohn, der 1935 in Berlin geboren worden war.  Ende Januar 1933 kamen sie als neu qualifizierte Aerzte nach Berlin um am West End Krankenhaus zu arbeiten.  Bevor es in den 1930iger Jahren verboten wurde, heirateten sie arisch-nicht arisch. Als alle juedischen Aertzte ihre Arbeit verlassen mussten, hat seine Mutter die Moeglichkeit gefunden in einer Privatstation zu arbeiten. Zuerst konnten sein Eltern ihre Heirat geheim halten, aber als es an der Arbeitstelle bekannt wurde, mussten sie auch gehen.  Sie verliessen Deutchland, mein Vater zur Arbeit in Wien. Die ganze Familie zog 1937 nach England. Das psychiatrische Arbeitsleben meines Vaters entwickelte sich dort weiter bis zu seinem Ruhestand.  Sein zweiter Bruder wurde in England 1940 geboren. Ab 1947 wohnte die Familie südlich von London (Surrey) auf dem Gelände des psychiatrischen Spitals wo sein Vater arbeitete, und das dem neuen ‘National Health Service’ gehörte. In Jahre 2000 besuchte er zum ersten Mal Berlin.  Als Kind hatte er mehrmals mit meinen britisch gewordenen Eltern und meinen Brüdern Deutschland besucht, aber niemals Berlin.  Zu Hause sprachen wir Englisch und Deutsch. 


Es begann in Privatschulen in Surrey und später in einem Quäkerinternat.  Danach studierte er in Frankreich, reiste in Israel und arbeitete in einem Kibbuz. Als freiwilliger Sozialarbeiter war er in London, spaeter reiste er in die Vereinigten Staaten und arbeitete dort in einem psychiatrischen Spital. Anschliessend studierte er an der damals neuen Sussex University Sozialanthropologie mit anderen Disziplinen.  Er machte in Malta Forschungen, ebenso in der Schweiz, Korsika und Sardinien, darmals allmaehlich als bildender Künstler selber tätig werdend. 1994 wurde ich Diplomkunsttherapeut.  Seine Kenntnisse von Psychiatrie und Kunsttherapie wurden durch die Arbeit in einer wegbereitenden Werkstatt erweitert.

Die Medien


+Ton  -rot und grau, welcher garnicht oder heiss gefeuert wird; Glasuren gekauft oder nach eigenen Rezepten her gestellt.

Nicht-figurative objecte; Menschen- und Tierfiguren; Gefässe; wandhängende keramische Bilder; Keramikbroschen und Raku-gefeuerte Schalen.   



Er lerne und erfahre durch gemeinschaftliche Lebens- und Kunstversuche.  Menschen sind ihrem Wesen nach gewöhnlich und aussergewöhnlich.  Er arbeitet mit verschiedenen Medien, von denen er ein Auswahl in Berlin Herbst 2005 zeigte bei "Gallery Twenty Four" ( ) und is bei zu sehen.


Son Milieu Familial.

Il est né près de Londres au fin de juillet 1945, le cadet de trois garçons. A sa naissance, ses parents vivaient en Angleterre depuis 8 ans, ayant quitté l’Allemagne (ses grandparents Allmands, une né en Alsace) avec son frère ainé, qui était né en 1935. Ils sont arrivés à Berlin au fin de janvier 1933 pour commencer à travailler en tant que docteurs nouvellement diplômés à l’Hôpital du West End. Ils sont arrivés mariés – un aryen et un non-aryen – avant que ces mariages « mixtes » soient interdits au début des années 30. Quand tous les docteurs juifs perdirent leur emploi, on a demandé à sa mère de continuer à travailler dans une salle privée. Au début ses parents réussirent à cacher leur mariage à leurs employeurs mais quand ceux-ci l’apprirent, ses parents durent partir. Ils quittèrent l’Allemagne au début de 1937 pour aller à Vienne où son père avait travaillé puis plus tard ils allèrent en Angleterre où son père pu continuer sa carrière en psychiatrie pour la reste de sa vie professionel. Son deuxième frère naquit en 1940.

Il a visité Berlin pour la première fois en l’an 2000. Il était déjà allé en Allemagne plusieurs fois dans mon enfance mais jamais à Berlin avec ses parents, émigrés allemands et naturalisés britanniques, et ses deux frères ainés. Apprenant allmand en enfance, on a parlez anglais à la maison. A partir de 1947 il a passé son enfance dans le Surrey au sud de Londres, sur les lieues d’un grand hôpital psychiatrique où mon père travaillait et qui allait bientôt faire partie du nouveau service de santé public britannique.

Ses Etudes.

Il est allé dans des écoles du voisinage, dans le Surrey, puis dans un pensionnat pour Quaker dans le Berkshire; il a fait ses études au Université d'Aix-Marseille, a voyagé en Israël, travaillé dans un kibboutz, fait du volontariat à Londres, travaillé dans un hôpital psychiatrique et a été aux Etats Unis. Il a abandonné son intention d’étudier la médecine, et a poursuivi des études pluridisciplinaires et d’anthropologie social et continué des études apres le premier degrée dans le Sussex, une université alors récemment fondée. Il a poursuivi également des recherches à Malte, en Susse, Corse et Sardaigne. Il se sait alors intéressé à faire des études en sciences sociales, se sait penché vers les arts et a réussi un diplôme en « Thérapie de l’Art ». L’expérience de cet art complètement nouveau acquise en studio et dans les hôpitaux psychiatriques tels que celui, qu'il avait connut dans son enfance, contribua à approfondir ses connaissances en psychiatrie et en arts thérapeutiques.

Ses œuvres

(sont variées, quelques-unes d’entre elles sont exposées).

– Il a fait des abstraits en argile/céramique, des animaux et des formes figurées, des récipients et des objets à accrocher aux murs. Il y a aussi des argiles rouges et gris cuits à four chaud. Il fait son propre mélange de cendres et autres vernis, des broches en céramique et des pots « Raku »

- Il s'occupe aussi d'une voiture de sport de 1952, pas faisant le facture de la restauration et de l’entretien soi meme, dans laquelle il a voyagé en Angleterre, France et Allemagne. Il est s'intéresse en fabrication et industrie ancien, aux technologies anciennes et modernes et aux problèmes de l’environnement.

- En plus il trouve que jouer et écouter de la musique nourrit l’âme

- ainsi que faire des photos et des peintures.

La nature humaine est complexe, à la fois ordinaire et extraordinaire. Quelques-unes de ses œuvres (peintures et photos des objets d'argiles/ceramiques) ont été exposées en automne 2005 à Berlin à la Galerie Twenty Four ( ) et dans d’autres expositions, voir Son travail ne cesse de progresser et de changer.