MUSIC LISTENING & MAKING (feeds the soul):

Grand Union World Choir participated on Sat 5th  April in a chorus festival the south bank

November 2014 we did Undream'd Shores - Hackney Empire Theatre, London, newly released video:

Grand Union Projects:

The Isle is Full of Noises”  

Grand Union launches a brand new initiative throughout April, combining performance and debate, on how artists can respond creatively to the UK's rapidly changing demographic.

Otherwise Re my musical / singing activity

(following singing with Brighton Festival Chorus 1968/9/70 (founded for the 1968 Brighton Festival by its first Music Director, Laszlo Heltay )

with much in between times.

In 2011 I sang in WE ARE SHADOWS, (Rosy came to one of the performances) "a huge community effort taking place over 18 months. The project culminated in June 2011 with three performances”:

Early last November performance I sang with “Undream'd Shores”…

[Having followed  Grand Union Orchestra since the early 1980s),

- Brief Introduction

-Participatory Project ]

One of the songs was(this video ? from rehearsal :

I sang in “Shores Undream'd"  Grand Union Orchestra with Grand Union Youth Orchestra & newly-formed World Choir [performances at Hackney Empire Nov 1st & 2nd]:

Grand Union Orchestra’s stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

"These guys knows that what brings people together is something shared. It can be music. It may be through struggle. One thing’s sure: the Grand Union Orchestra’s music makes you feel alive, makes you think and makes you long for a better world” 

On the Edge World Jazz Festival, London Jazz Review 

Interesting tho i did not sing in it:

Song of Displacement - Grand Union Orchestra

Here program of a concert of another choir l also sang in, of British Library & British Museum Singers: